We create unique meaningful dolls for more than 6 years

The idea of creating dolls that read surahs of the Holy Quran came to me in the summer of 2015, and in December of the same year we made the first talking doll “My Amina”.

Then, in 2018, the Tatar talking doll “My Suyumbike” appeared in the assortment. The “My Suyumbike” doll is in the Tatar national costume, and the “My Amina” doll is in the dress corresponding to the norms of Sharia. The costume of each doll is the exclusive handmade product.

We constantly develop

Our project started with just two people: it was me and my mom!

As I like to say: mom sews, I do everything else 🙂 Now the creation process involves the friendly team of specialists: the author of the project, designers, ethnographer, artist, philologist, and editors.

Over the time of our work, more than 700 girls have become happy owners of these wonderful dolls.

2020 was the beginning of the Tatar talking dolls " Gomir and Golbike"

In April of 2020, by order of the Republic of Tatarstan, we produced 3992 “Gomir and Golbike” dolls, which were delivered to every kindergarten of the republic.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the creation of Tatar dolls!

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